Recycling Companies in Colorado

Please email and/or call these companies to ask specific questions about your needs.
Please rewash, recycle, and reuse!
Researching today led me to numerous phone calls with recycling companies in the greater Denver area.  I was surprised that the person that answered my call, be it transferred to “the person” or the person that answered the main line for the company, was unsure as to what each company did and did not recycle.
I am happy to have stored up almost a year’s worth of a variety of Poly Styrene food containers.  This entire bag I started in January.  Today also taught me that not all “Styrofoam” is created equal.  Styrofoam is a brand, like “Kleenex” and “Ziploc”.  Dupont will be happy to educate you, as they did with me. The good news, for Mother nature that is, is there ARE a variety of recycling plants that you can take different materials to.  Please don’t just accept the line- “the landfill” as the option.
You may have to take a drive, but Mother Nature is worth it!

Alpine Waste and Recycling-Green Today Green for Life
ChaRM  **An Excellent source for your household usuals.  Located in Boulder, Co

Atlas Molded Products
**metal recycler

Arvada Hard to Recycle

Action Recycling
Metal, computers, etc.


Saved from the Landfill

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