I have noticed a considerable amount of confusion around what products are “Styrofoam” and what products are Polystyrene.


JUST SAY NO to these products!


Let’s be clear about our knowledge of these products.

Both of them are very difficult to recyclable


Styrofoam is a brand.

Mostly used in construction materials and virtually not recyclable.  If you have Styrofoam take it to any UPS location so that they reuse it for shipping, use it to insulate a project that you may have, or find a retail store that ships their, merchandise and donate it to that store.


EPS or Polystyrene

Also extremely difficult to find a company that can recycle this material.  It is also used in many construction material products, packaging materials, and those ever annoying “clam shells” that many in the restaurant industry choose to use for their take-out items.


Please read up on these items and understand the difference. When getting take-out food ask for any other than a Polystyrene take-out container.  Even Aluminum fool is better.


Take a few steps forward and you will start to feel proud that you are helping the planet.  A few steps will get you to make even more steps forward and every step is a giant step to helping to reduce landfill waste.

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