Never have to handwash your zip top plastic bags again!

Save money and reduce waste!

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Per Year

The world produces 5 TRILLION plastic bags per year

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Per Year

The average American household discards 1500 plastic bags a year

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Per Year

America uses 100 BILLION plastic bags per year

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Plastic Bags

Fewer than 1 In 7 plastic bags are recycled


In 2020, nearly 10 million Americans used

21 zip top bags per week

Just think. If those ten million people would have washed just one bag, how many bags would have been saved?

210 MILLION bags would have not been thrown away.


In 2020, 216 million people used, on average,

10 bags per week

Zip top bags are often viewed as single use products and constantly thrown away, however, it is recommended that the plastic bags be used four times. Zip top bags are strong enough to be washed in the dishwasher sixteen to fifty times. Imagine how many zip top bags could be saved by just washing your bags at least one time!


I am a true believer in “recycle and reuse”. I tested the prototype in both sizes, you would think that some zip top bags are just too dirty to wash and reuse.  With the BagWasher I can wash and reuse bags that even those that I marinated meat or fish in.  Incredibly clean!  And saves me a lot of money on expensive zip top bags. Thank You BagWasher!!!

- Lilla W.

I love my prototype bag washer! It’s so easy to use. Just slide a messy Ziplock bag over it, stick it in the dishwasher and voila! Comes out clean and dry without a trace of whatever grease or gunk was on it. Trying hard to reduce the plastic my family sends to the landfill, I used to wash each bag by hand, then had to drape them over vases, bottles, spatulas, whatever I could scrounge up and had to leave them all over my counter until they dried. No more! I’m free of this tedious chore now, thanks to BagWasher! I’m going to buy a set for each of my sisters who are as eco-conscious as I am. The woman who invented this deserves a medal!

- Danna S.

I was a test kitchen for BagWasher.  I LOVE the product. We washed out balsamic vinegar, and raspberry jam. The bags came out clean and I will be re-using them.

-Sarah D.

I was a test kitchen for BagWasher. I tested 6 bags that held items from veggies to marinades.  The marinade bag I turned inside-out. All bags were clean and I will be using them again. 

-Wendy O.

My gallon freezer bag, with no pleated bottom, had chicken salad in it, it was stuck to the sides and also down into the corners. I emptied it, turned it inside out, rinsed it lightly, and fit it over the gallon BagWasher. It came out perfect and clean, with no greasy feel left.
As a test kitchen, the only problem is that you want me to send this set back to you!  We Love this product!
-J Stephen, Test Kitchen. Apple Valley, California 

I was a test kitchen for the BagWasher, it IS a game changer! I Loved having it, I will be supporting the Kickstarter Campaign - Emily, Highlands Ranch, CO