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Welcome to the world of innovation and eco-conscious living! I’m Sheri Shelton-Butler, a passionate cook, dedicated parent, fearless adventurer, and a driven entrepreneur. Known as the “Bag Lady,” I’m excited to introduce my brainchild, the groundbreaking BagWasher, aimed at combating the global plastic crisis. As an active member of the Woman Inventors movement in the US, my commitment to this cause is unwavering.

Introducing the BagWasher – a meticulously designed game-changer targeting plastic waste on both local and global scales. Fueled by my personal journey of handwashing numerous zip-top plastic bags, I questioned: “Why hasn’t a dishwasher-safe zip-top bag cleaner been created?”

Traditionally viewed as single-use, the “zip-top plastic bag” has hidden potential. Designed for efficiency, user-friendliness, and recyclability, these bags are often discarded due to washing inconveniences, contributing to our planet’s plastic crisis.

Driven by my conviction, I embarked on a mission to seamlessly integrate sustainability into daily life. The BagWasher, a clever dishwasher-friendly contraption, reinvigorates your trusty zip-top companions with every cycle, fostering a more sustainable future.

Join me in revolutionizing our perception of zip-top bags. Let’s create a future where convenience and sustainability coexist, combating plastic waste. Discover the BagWasher and be part of our movement toward a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

Explore the BagWasher and its remarkable features at [https://ziploc.com/en/Sustainability-and-Safety]. Together, as catalysts for change, we’re more than Bag Ladies and Gents – we’re shaping our planet’s destiny.

Greetings, I’m Frank, also known as Trip among friends. Holding a BS in Architecture from the University of Virginia (Class of ’82) and a former US Marine (1982-1993), my journey has led me to become a certified kitchen & bath designer associated with the National Kitchen and Bath Association since 2016.

Inspired by Sheri’s quest to rewash zip-top bags, we’ve successfully brought that vision to life. With a patented design and multiple proven prototypes, we’re now ready for the next step – funding. Our journey included crafting prototypes using innovative 3D printing, while the final BagWasher will be produced using recyclable PPE through injection molding in Seattle.

Plastic waste, whether in landfills or oceans, is a global concern. The BagWasher addresses this by empowering individuals to effortlessly reuse plastic zip-top bags, reduce plastic usage, and promote recycling. By extending the life cycle of these bags, we’re taking a step towards alleviating plastic pollution.

Thrilled by the impact, we’re proud to introduce the BagWasher as a patent-protected solution. Join us on this journey towards a greener future. Explore more at BagWasher.com and stay connected via our various social media platforms for updates and insights.

Together, we’re making strides in combatting plastic pollution and embracing sustainable practices. Discover the BagWasher – your contribution to a cleaner planet.


The world produces 5 TRILLION plastic bags per year

1500 plastic bags

The average American household discards 1,500 plastic bags a year


America uses 100 BILLION plastic bags per year

– Lilla W.

Key West, FL

“I am a true believer in “recycle and reuse”. I tested the prototype in both sizes, you would think that some zip-top bags are just too dirty to wash and reuse.  With the BagWasher I can wash and reuse bags even those that I marinated meat or fish in.  Incredibly clean!  And saves me a lot of money on expensive zip-top bags. Thank You BagWasher!!!”


While designing, testing, and creating BagWasher I also researched all sorts of plastic waste information.  There is SO much information pertaining to plastics and waste and our environment that is now the everyday information that I follow.  BagWasher will make an instant reduction of plastic waste.  We (humans) need to make an instant impact. Waiting on governments, laws, and education to take hold isn’t going to be fast enough.  Instant reduction is necessary and that is BagWasher’s vision and objective.


It is the mission of the founders-Sheri and Trip Butler to educate people on how to effectively wash and recycle these zip-top style bags so that they are not merely “thrown away”.  Like it or not these zip-top style bags are a prolific part of our daily lives. Convenient, affordable, and durable these bags are made to be reused over and over again.  BagWasher is the missing piece to washing them thoroughly and easily in the dishwasher.  Then reuse them!  When the bag finally reaches its end of life we will be providing accurate information to our customers on where and how to effectively recycle that “sheet film” bag in their area.  This product and process will immediately reduce plastic waste. We welcome feedback and ideas!  Thank you for being part of the movement to reduce plastic waste!


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BagWasher takes great pride in knowing that you are 100% satisfied and together we are actively reducing plastic waste. If you feel that this product does not work to your satisfaction, please contact customer service for a return shipping label and a 100% refund.


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