A Few Words About Us


My name is Sheri Shelton-Butler. An active cook, parent, adventurer, tree hugger, animal lover, and serial entrepreneur. Now, I excitedly refer to myself as the Bag Lady. The proud inventor of the BagWasher and excited to be joining the Woman Inventors movement in the US with such an important cause.

With the creation of the BagWasher, we are passionate about reducing plastic waste in our national and international environment. After years of handwashing my zip-top plastic bags in a personal effort to do as much as I could to save the planet. I asked myself “why hasn’t anyone designed a zip-top bag washer that can go into the dishwasher”?

For decades Americans have thought of the “zip-top plastic bag” as a single-use storage bag, and they are not single-use.
They were designed to be efficient, easy to use, and recyclable.  With millions of reusable bags being thrown away annually simply because it’s inconvenient to wash them, and many people ‘didn’t think’ that those bags were reusable and recyclable the planet is overrun with plastic waste daily.

I was certain that I could develop an apparatus that could be placed into the dishwasher that would allow the dishwasher to clean and dry the bags. Meet the BagWasher.

My name is Frank. My friends call me Trip. I have a BS in Architecture and graduated from the University of Virginia in 1982.

I am a former US Marine and served from 1982 to 1993. Currently, I am a kitchen & bath designer, associated/certified with the National Kitchen and Bath Association since 2016.

Sheri was inspired to create an apparatus for re-washing her zip-top bags.  Now, I believe we have achieved that goal. With the patent filed and multiple prototypes tested, the product is ready to be funded. Check it out!.  We had the prototypes made by a 3D printing process.  But the BagWasher will be made of injection-molded recyclable PPE in Seattle and marketed via the BagWasher.com website and various other social media advertising placements.

Every time plastic anything gets thrown away it ends up in a landfill or in the ocean, but the BagWasher will allow people to easily reuse plastic zip-top bags and consequently use fewer plastic bags and have cleaner bags to recycle when they have reached their end of the life cycle.

We are thrilled to have come up with something that will provide some small relief to the plastic pollution our planet endures and make it easier to reuse and reduce personal single-use plastic.

The BagWasher is a patent-protected item.