Does the BagWasher fit a silicone style bag?

While silicone bags are a wonderful option for food storage millions of Americans still use the zip-top style plastic bags for freezing foods and are still considered the easiest least expensive go-to option for food storage. Americans are so accustomed to grabbing a box of zip-top bags at the store that it’s almost second nature. Millions of Americans use that plastic bag one time and throw that bag into the trash, whereas many states do not even recycle that bag at the curbside recycle center. Recycling those zip-top bags usually requires a separate company or drop-off place to actually recycle that type of plastic bag. Reusing those bags is what is suggested by SC Johnson and is clearly stated on the box of that zip-loc bag. Wash, reuse wash, and reuse, again and again. Reduce plastic waste one bag at a time.

Does washing the zip top bag in the dishwasher use more water than washing them by hand?

By washing your zip top bags in the dishwasher, you will be using less water than if you wash them by hand. Studies have proven that washing your zip top bags in the sink and by hand you will use at least 4 gallons of water per bag. By washing the zip top bag in the dishwasher, with dishes that you have used for the day, you will be using the same amount of water when running the dishwasher full of dishes.

How much space does it take up in the dishwasher?

Washing your zip-top bags in the dishwasher is fast easy and reduces water consumption. If you use the gallon BagWasher that will take up 4 dishwasher prongs or 9 inches wide x 5 inches deep. That equates to 3 plates. If you place the quart-sized BagWasher in that will take 6.5 inches x 3 inches deep. Which equates to 3 prongs of the rack. The Gallon size takes up about a 2-plate area and the Quart size takes up about 1 plate size.

Does the zip top plastic bag completely dry?

Not unlike other plastic containers that are purchased from SC Johnson, Glad, and Tupperware the zip-top style bag may have some water drops on the bags when the dishwasher cycle is complete. If that happens you can leave the BagWasher with the bag on it, in the dishwasher to dry. Or of course, you can put the BagWasher system on the counter to dry. It is rare that this would have to happen.

Is the BagWasher recyclable?

The BagWasher itself will be made from 100% recycled plastic and will be 100% recyclable after its long and effective life cycle. The BagWasher will last for thousands of wash cycles. The reason that the BagWasher is black so that it is even more desirable to recycle companies. Black plastic is the best for recycling.

Do the zip top plastic bags really get clean by washing them in the dishwasher?

Absolutely. We have had test kitchens all across the country test the BagWasher in a variety of dishwashers, all test kitchens have experienced clean bags time and time again. Reusing plastic bags will reduce plastic waste and washing them in the dishwasher will reduce water waste. Strive to reuse what you already have to reduce waste of all type. Be part of the movement to reduce plastic waste.

Does the BagWasher collapse for storing?

The BagWasher does not collapse, thereby ensuring that the entire bag is washed and dried as efficiently as possible. To reuse every zip top bag by washing them in the dishwasher will reduce the amount of plastic waste. Washing zip top plastic bags in the dishwasher does clean the bags effectively.

Is the BagWasher a US made product?

The BagWasher will be made at an injection molding company by the name of Sea-lect, located in Everett, Washington. The process of injection molding requires a certain type of ‘mold’, and those molds are made overseas. After that mold is made the BagWasher will be made, packaged, and shipped only by American companies. We support American businesses. All parts of the BagWasher including the packaging of the product will be recyclable

Where should I store my BagWasher?

The best place to store your BagWasher is in the dishwasher. You will have the BagWasher handy when you need it. Wash your plastic zip-top bags in the dishwasher to reduce plastic waste. Wash and reuse your zip-top plastic bags to reduce consumption and thereby reduce waste. Saving money as you save the planet from increasing plastic waste.

Do the bags melt?

The fast answer to that is NO. The BagWasher is meant to be placed on the lower rack of the dishwasher. You can place the inside out to be certain of the touch to wash bags getting clean or you can place the bag directly on the BagWasher you will see that the bag gets clean and dries well. It does not melt.

I am a true believer in “recycle and reuse”. I tested the prototype in both sizes, you would think that some zip top bags are just too dirty to wash and reuse.  With the BagWasher I can wash and reuse bags that even those that I marinated meat or fish in.  Incredibly clean!  And saves me a lot of money on expensive zip top bags. Thank You BagWasher!!!

– Lilla W. Key West, FL

I was a test kitchen for the BagWasher, it IS a game changer! I Loved having it, I will be supporting the Kickstarter Campaign

– Emily
Highlands Ranch, CO

As a test kitchen, the only problem is that you want me to send this set back to you! We Love this product!

– J Stephen
Apple Valley, California

I was a test kitchen for BagWasher. I LOVE the product. We washed out balsamic vinegar, and raspberry jam. The bags came out clean and I will be re-using them.

– Sarah D.

I was a test kitchen for BagWasher. I tested 6 bags that held items from veggies to marinades. The marinade bag I turned inside-out. All bags were clean and I will be using them again.

– Wendy O.

I love my prototype bag washer! It’s so easy to use. Just slide a messy Ziplock bag over it, stick it in the dishwasher and voila! Comes out clean and dry without a trace of whatever grease or gunk was on it. Trying hard to reduce the plastic my family sends to the landfill, I used to wash each bag by hand, then had to drape them over vases, bottles, spatulas, whatever I could scrounge up and had to leave them all over my counter until they dried. No more! I’m free of this tedious chore now, thanks to BagWasher! I’m going to buy a set for each of my sisters who are as eco-conscious as I am. The woman who invented this deserves a medal!

– Danna S.


The world produces 5 TRILLION plastic bags per year. BagWasher will immediately reduce the amount of plastic waste going to landfills and oceans.

1500 plastic bags

The average American household discards 1,500 plastic bags a year


America uses 100 BILLION plastic bags per year