Here is some terrific direct information for recycling and recycling in your area. We’ve heard about recycling now lets learn how to do it properly- RECYCLE COACH  

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I have noticed a considerable amount of confusion around what products are “Styrofoam” and what products are Polystyrene.   JUST SAY NO to these products!   Let’s be clear about our knowledge of these products. Both of them are very difficult to recyclable   Styrofoam is a brand. Mostly used in construction materials and virtually…

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Recycling Companies in Colorado

Please email and/or call these companies to ask specific questions about your needs. Please rewash, recycle, and reuse! Researching today led me to numerous phone calls with recycling companies in the greater Denver area.  I was surprised that the person that answered my call, be it transferred to “the person” or the person that answered…

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