Unveiling the BagWasher Revolution: Your Ziplock Bags’ Best Friend!

In a world where cleanliness reigns supreme, your kitchen deserves nothing but the best. No more settling for mediocrity when it comes to cleanliness. Enter BagWasher, the unsung hero of kitchen cleanliness, ready to take your Ziplock bag game to a whole new level.
BagWasher-Your contribution to a cleaner planet

Ziplock Bag Washer Online – Where Convenience Meets Cleanliness

Say goodbye to the days of thinking disposable Ziplock bags and hello to a sustainable, cost-effective solution – Ziplock Bag Washer Online. The BagWasher revolutionizes the way you think about kitchen cleanliness, putting you in control of your eco-friendly choices. Cleaning Ziplock bags has never been this effortless. You’re probably thinking, “Why bother washing Ziplock bags?” Well, for starters, it’s a game-changer in terms of sustainability. With BagWasher, you can kiss goodbye to single-use plastics and contribute to a greener planet. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly option that puts money back in your pocket.

But how does BagWasher manage to tackle this challenge? It’s simple – innovation meets efficiency.

Buy BagWasher Gallon – The Gallant Solution for Your Kitchen Woes

Imagine a world where your Ziplock bags are as good as new after every use. With BagWasher Gallon, that dream becomes a reality. This marvel is not just a cleaning tool; it’s a statement – a statement that you value both cleanliness and sustainability. No more “tossing out”  Ziplock bags after a single use. To Buy BagWasher Gallon allows you to clean and reuse your bags, making it an investment that pays for itself in a short time. 

A Symphony of Cleanliness: BagWasher Unveiled

Imagine you’ve just prepared a delicious meal, and now it’s time to deal with the aftermath – a pile of dirty Ziplock bags. Before BagWasher, this would be a tedious task or a wasteful mess, but not anymore. We introduce a dance of cleanliness, a symphony of hygiene in your kitchen. It’s not just about washing – it’s about restoring your Ziplock bags to their pristine glory in the dishwasher. And the best part? It’s a hassle-free experience.

Let’s break free from the monotony of disposable culture. BagWasher empowers you to reuse, reduce, and revolutionize your kitchen routine.

Elevate Your Kitchen Experience with BagWasher

Why settle for the mundane when you can have a kitchen that speaks volumes about your commitment to cleanliness and sustainability? BagWasher isn’t just a tool; it’s an experience.
It’s about transforming the way you view kitchen hygiene, turning it from a chore into a satisfying ritual. We understand that your time is precious. That’s why it ensures a quick and efficient cleaning process, leaving you with more time to focus on what truly matters – enjoying your culinary creations.

Breaking the Mold: BagWasher’s Unique Approach

BagWasher isn’t your run-of-the-mill cleaning solution; it’s a disruptor in the kitchen cleaning landscape. Unlike traditional methods that may leave your Ziplock bags damp, and littering your kitchen landscape, downright unappealing, we take a different route. It combines the power of technology with a touch of elegance. No more settling for half-hearted attempts at cleanliness. BagWasher elevates your kitchen to a whole new level, proving that innovation and efficiency can coexist seamlessly.

BagWasher: Where Sustainability Meets Style

Gone are the days when sustainability meant compromising on style. BagWasher shatters that misconception, offering a product that not only respects the environment but also adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. Say goodbye to the stereotype of eco-friendly products being bland and uninspiring. We are here to prove that you can have both – a cleaner conscience and a chic kitchen.


In the grand scheme of kitchen cleanliness, BagWasher emerges as the unsung hero – a silent revolution that transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. Don’t just clean your Ziplock bags; rejuvenate them with BagWasher.. So, why settle for the ordinary when the remarkable is available? The time for a cleaner, greener, and more stylish kitchen is now. Step into the future of kitchen cleanliness with BagWasher – where innovation meets efficiency, and sustainability meets style. Elevate your kitchen experience today!

About the Author

Sheri Butler

Sheri is the founder of BagWasher. She is passionate about reducing plastic waste, while improving home efficiency. She lives in Colorado with her husband.

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I am a true believer in “recycle and reuse”. I tested the prototype in both sizes, you would think that some zip top bags are just too dirty to wash and reuse.  With the BagWasher I can wash and reuse bags that even those that I marinated meat or fish in.  Incredibly clean!  And saves me a lot of money on expensive zip top bags. Thank You BagWasher!!!

– Lilla W. Key West, FL

I was a test kitchen for the BagWasher, it IS a game changer! I Loved having it, I will be supporting the Kickstarter Campaign

– Emily
Highlands Ranch, CO

As a test kitchen, the only problem is that you want me to send this set back to you! We Love this product!

– J Stephen
Apple Valley, California

I was a test kitchen for BagWasher. I LOVE the product. We washed out balsamic vinegar, and raspberry jam. The bags came out clean and I will be re-using them.

– Sarah D.

I was a test kitchen for BagWasher. I tested 6 bags that held items from veggies to marinades. The marinade bag I turned inside-out. All bags were clean and I will be using them again.

– Wendy O.

I love my prototype bag washer! It’s so easy to use. Just slide a messy Ziplock bag over it, stick it in the dishwasher and voila! Comes out clean and dry without a trace of whatever grease or gunk was on it. Trying hard to reduce the plastic my family sends to the landfill, I used to wash each bag by hand, then had to drape them over vases, bottles, spatulas, whatever I could scrounge up and had to leave them all over my counter until they dried. No more! I’m free of this tedious chore now, thanks to BagWasher! I’m going to buy a set for each of my sisters who are as eco-conscious as I am. The woman who invented this deserves a medal!

– Danna S.


The world produces 5 TRILLION plastic bags per year. BagWasher will immediately reduce the amount of plastic waste going to landfills and oceans.

1500 plastic bags

The average American household discards 1,500 plastic bags a year


America uses 100 BILLION plastic bags per year